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Three Memorable Moments from UMB’s Women’s History Month Symposium

The theme was “The Myth of Balance or The Art of Being Unbalanced.”


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You Made It Happen, You Can Make It Happen

Read over a highlight of recent major gifts to UMB and learn about the impact that your gift can have on a variety of the University's programs and initiatives.

Students Take Aim at Gun Violence

Findings related to how UMB can impact gun violence in Baltimore City were released by this year’s President’s Fellows.

UMBrella Reigns

The UMBrella Group reached for the stars and mixed in a little candlelight in its highlight event of 2019, turning the annual Women’s History Month celebration into a daylong symposium.

Helping Planet and Pocketbook

Last spring the workmanship and high sustainability standards used in building the Health Sciences Research Facility III earned UMB a coveted Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Award.

Diversity in Diverse Ways

UMB’s Diversity Advisory Council continues to make an impact by promoting diversity and inclusion across the University.

Continuing a Legacy of Legal Advocacy

Chris Coffin, JD ’99, describes his approach to practicing law as acknowledging the person behind the case. “It is one thing to represent someone on paper,” he says, “another thing to know them as a human being.”

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