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Screening Telehealth: SSW Institute Studying Ways to Improve Pediatric Visits, Expand Equity

Institute for Innovation and Implementation is highlighting best practices.

Innovation and Discovery

Innovation and Discovery Archives

COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteers

Members of the community explain why they are taking part in the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

How Biotech Thrives at the BioPark

For more than a decade, Paragon Bioservices has made the UM BioPark its headquarters, growing from 30 employees to nearly 400.

Innovation Is Her Passport to Success

Fran Lessans’ journey from nursing school to founder of Passport Health began 51 years ago, when her son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Doing Away with Cancer … in a FLASH

A revolutionary, non-invasive treatment using an external beam of protons delivered in high doses is designed to attack tumors with protons delivered at ultra-high dose rates and with pinpoint accuracy.

“They Saved My Life”

To say that Gary Gardiner Jr. is a fan of the medical team at UMB is more than an understatement.

Off the UMB Bookshelf

Faculty across the University of Maryland, Baltimore share their expertise through the printed word.

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