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UMB CURE Scholars: From West Baltimore to Annapolis

First Lady Dawn Flythe Moore (left) with Princaya, Davioin, Tyler, and Courtney
First Lady Dawn Flythe Moore (left) with Princaya, Davioin, Tyler, and Courtney

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has continued to follow the journeys of four young people featured in the six-part, two-time Emmy-nominated documentary series “From West Baltimore.”  

Viewers have watched as Princaya, Davioin, Tyler, and Courtney progressed from curious sixth-graders in the UMB CURE Scholars Program to young adults achieving their dreams of higher education and professional certification. 

Join them as they sit down with First Lady Dawn Flythe Moore and Joy Moore, mother of Wes Moore, Maryland’s first African American governor, to discuss pursuing dreams, overcoming racism, and making history.  

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

The UMB CURE Scholars Program is a groundbreaking year-round program that seeks to empower middle school and high school students in West Baltimore for competitive and rewarding research, health care, and STEM-related career opportunities. For information on how to become a CURE Scholar or a mentor, visit CURE Scholars. 

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