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Hope for Migraine Sufferers: UMSOD Researchers Collaborating to Study New Treatments

The team will study a new way to treat and prevent migraines by “switching off” specific pain receptors.

‘Heart and Soul’: Thomas Scalea Marks 25 Years as Leader of Shock Trauma

He has cared for tens of thousands of Marylanders and pioneered advances to trauma care.

Inventive Idea: Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic Helps Clients Realize Dreams

Student attorneys file patent and trademark registrations as part of the Maryland Carey Law clinic.

Pain Relief: CACPR Research Includes Opioid Crisis and COVID-19

The Center to Advance Chronic Pain Research’s mission is to cultivate and expand the multidisciplinary pain research portfolio at UMB with the overarching goal of improved patient care and quality of life.

Groundbreaking Surgery: UMSOM Team Makes History with First Transplant of Genetically Modified Pig Heart into Adult

The surgery is a critical step in the future of transplant medicine, as many patients are unable to qualify or receive a human organ.

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