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Setting the Record Straight: Carey School of Law Professor Larry S. Gibson on the Life of Thurgood Marshall

Gibson is working on a book studying the Supreme Court justice's life from 1938 to 1954.

A Study in Patience: Harro Is Part of Team Working on Vaccine to Protect Against Staph Infections

Dental assistant professor is part of team whose experimental vaccine has shown promise.

Meet UMB’s David J. Ramsay Entrepreneur of the Year

Joseph R. Scalea of the School of Medicine has co-founded three startups.

Inalienable Rights: Researchers Look to Embed Human Rights into Curriculum

Virginia Rowthorn and Amy Ramirez write a book chapter titled "Human Rights in U.S. Professional Education."

Increasing Access: Grant Establishes Center for Research on Generic Drugs

School of Pharmacy professor James E. Polli will be co-director of the center.

Social Stability: Where Research on HIV and COVID-19 Intertwines

Marik Moen has put research on hold to care for COVID-19 patients.

What’s on Dr. Neuzil’s Desk?

Kathleen Neuzil's desk reflects her mentorship of the next generation of vaccinologists.

Meet UMB’s Researcher of the Year

Jay S. Magaziner of the School of Medicine was honored for his work on aging.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: UMB Startups Receive Support from Maryland Momentum Fund

The University System of Maryland fund invests in the most promising USM-affiliated people and technologies.

COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteers

Members of the community explain why they are taking part in the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

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