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Philanthropy in a Time of Pandemic

University of Maryland, Baltimore Doctor's and Nurses

he time for bold action is now! Please consider joining UMB’s battle against COVID-19.

The role and impact of philanthropy is a subject of considerable interest in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Not surprisingly, there has been a surge of response by donors to address the myriad pressing needs arising out of the crisis. Funding is being generously provided to underwrite intensified research, enhance testing, provide more and better personal protective equipment (PPE), improve access to medical intervention for underserved populations, and help with inevitable unanticipated needs.

These all remain high priorities as the challenge of understanding, preventing, and treating COVID-19 plays out around the world. The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), along with other institutions throughout the United States, has experienced an inflow of charitable investment from well-meaning people and organizations seeking to mitigate the health care and economic emergency.

Long recognized for its prowess and leadership in combating infectious diseases around the globe, UMB and its extensive cohort of experts have come to the fore in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Institute of Human Virology (IHV), the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health (CVD), and the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) are prominently represented in the core of medical/scientific authorities who are shaping the strategy to attack COVID-19 in Maryland and beyond.

The challenge going forward is to secure adequate resources to augment insufficient federal and state subsidies. The University and its partner, the University of Maryland Medical Center, are experiencing untold millions of dollars in losses. If unaddressed, those deficits will create long-term austerity, resulting in diminished institutional capacity to pursue UMB’s multifaceted mission.

School of Nursing colleagues deliver homemade face coverings to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

UMB is the beneficiary of continued generosity closely related to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is heightened interest in supporting the University’s highly proficient and widely acclaimed research. Many have donated PPE or funds to acquire it. The state of Maryland recently awarded UMB a special $2.5 million grant to accelerate coronavirus testing throughout the state. Student and campus emergency funds have elicited more than $310,000 to help offset distress resulting from the crisis.

As the COVID-19 scenario plays out in the weeks and months to come, private-sector support for UMB will be invaluable in mitigating the virus’ impact in many ways: for those suffering from the virus who are cared for here; for the front-line health care professionals who put their lives and health at risk every day; for the medical and scientific professionals who labor to understand, prevent, and treat the disease; for faculty, students, and staff whose work and study are constrained by the virus; and for all Marylanders whose desire is to return to a semblance of normalcy in life and work.

Timely charitable investment in UMB’s COVID-19 Cohort will create meaningful, positive impact when it is most needed and appreciated. To become a valued partner in UMB’s dynamic and powerful work and to discuss how your gift can have an impact today, contact Larry Kushner, associate vice president, Office of Philanthropy, by emailing or calling 410-706-3911.

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