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What’s on Police Chief Thomas Leone’s Desk?

Among the items that have meaning to him are family photos and awards his department has received for community policing.

5 Questions with … School of Medicine Dean Gladwin

In his second academic year, the dean is overseeing UMSOM’s numerous groundbreaking partnerships and innovations.

President’s Message

This issue highlights remarkable innovations and milestones from across our schools and departments, recognizing the invaluable contributions of our students, faculty, and staff.

Rooted in History: University of Maryland Medical Center Marks 200 Years

UMSOM founders and colleagues used personal funds and loans to finance a hospital for clinical education — the first built by a medical school in the United States.

Book Roundup: Works Include UMSOM Dean’s Book on Clinical Microbiology and UMSON Instructor’s Guide on Unconscious Bias

Other authors highlighted focus on the 14th Amendment, prostitution diversion programs, and race and national security.

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