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The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) is a thriving center for professional and graduate education, pharmaceutical care, research, and community service. Our faculty create the future of pharmacy by pioneering new roles for pharmacists in advanced clinical practice and conducting cutting-edge research in drug discovery and development, comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes, and disease management. A contemporary curriculum, innovative educational experiences, and strategic professional relationships help to inspire excellence in our 1,200 students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows. The Pharmapreneurship program, launched in 2017, reflects our commitment to supporting and best positioning faculty and students to achieve their career aspirations and address our nation’s health care challenges.

Students pitch their innovative business ideas at the Dolphin Tank, an annual spring event that spins off the hit TV show “Shark Tank.”

Dean Natalie D. Eddington, PhD ’89 Health Care Innovation Fund

In support of the Pharmapreneurship initiative, John Gregory, BSP ’76, made a commitment that established the Dean Natalie D. Eddington, PhD ’89 Health Care Innovation Fund, which provides $100,000 in startup funding to the winner of the School of Pharmacy’s annual business pitch competition. This startup funding surpasses the amount given by other renowned nationally ranked higher education institutions during their business competitions. This funding will provide students at the School of Pharmacy with the capital to start businesses that have the potential to change the way that health care is delivered.

Center for Women in Pharmapreneurism

The Center for Women in Pharmapreneurism (CWP) was established through donations from UMSOP founding pharmapreneur Ellen H. Yankellow, PharmD ’96, BSP ’73; Jill Molofsky, BSP ’81; and the late James Tristani, BSP ’73, all of Correct Rx Pharmacy Services. The center seeks to prepare women for the pursuit of innovative solutions to our nation’s greatest health care challenges. CWP is composed of innovative women leaders with backgrounds in the basic sciences, research, practice, industry, academia, and nonprofit sectors.

Gyi Scholarship and Professorship Support Pharmapreneurship

Driven by love for their late husband and father, Felix A. Khin-Maung-Gyi, BSP ’83, PharmD, MBA, and commitment to advancing Pharmapreneurship in his memory, Terry Gyi, BSP ’83, PharmD ’06, and her daughter Rebecca Gyi-Hovis, MD, established the Felix Gyi Endowed Memorial Professorship in Pharmapreneurship and the Gyi Memorial Scholarship for Pharmapreneurship.

PATIENTS Professors Academy Funding Success

The PATIENTS Professors Academy has raised nearly $1 million from corporations, foundations, and individuals who recognize the great need for community engagement in patient-centered outcomes research. The program teaches a multistakeholder group — including pharmaceutical company staff, researchers, government employees, and community members — the PATIENTS Program’s 10-Step Framework for continuous patient and stakeholder engagement.

Growth of Giving Days

Giving Days, an online community- driven fundraising effort, have had a cumulative success. UMSOP has hosted five Giving Days and most recently a Giving Month, which have raised more than $300,000 from almost 1,500 donors in support of student scholarships, research, practice, and community outreach programs.

John Holaday Endowed Memorial Lectureship

The John W. Holaday, PhD, Endowed Memorial Lectureship in Medical Cannabis was established with a gift from Curio Wellness, a medical cannabis brand and trusted health care partner based in Maryland. In memory of John Holaday, PhD, a highly accomplished pharmaceutical executive, entrepreneur, and medical scholar who also served as chairman emeritus of Curio Wellness’ Scientific Advisory Board, the lectureship seeks to enrich the education of our MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics students.

Lamy Center Gift

Inspired by the Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging’s goals and reputation, an anonymous UMSOP alumnus donated $160,000 for the center to implement and evaluate pharmacist services at the Center for Successful Aging at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore.

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