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Meet UMB’s Student of the Year

Tural Mammadli, MSW PhD Student, School of Social Work
Photo by Matthew D’Agostino

About Tural Mammadli

Mammadli is a fourth-year PhD student from Azerbaijan who is a former president and current member of the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s (UMSSW) International Student Association (ISA), dedicated to guiding international students and helping them acclimate to the United States. As a research assistant, he has engaged in mixed-methods data analysis and co-authored papers on the health of minoritized communities including sexual and gender minority (SGM) persons, foreign-born populations, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the SGM community.


Under Mammadli’s leadership, ISA has conducted events for international students from across UMB to support their professional development and celebrate their cultural diversity. He also is co-chair of UMSSW’s Queer Community Alliance, focused on supporting future LGBTQ+ social workers. He has earned three honors since starting the PhD program: Donna Harrington Fellowship, UMSSW; New Investigator Panelist Award, National Hispanic Science Network; and Early Career Preventionists Network Award, Society for Prevention Research.


“Tural is one of the top students I’ve had the honor to work with. Even at this early stage in his academic trajectory, Tural’s tireless leadership, advocacy, and service have made a significant contribution to the advancement of his peers, our school, our profession, and UMB. I expect him to continue making a positive difference nationally and globally.” — Nalini Negi, PhD, MSW, associate professor, UMSSW

“It was an honor enough to be nominated for Student of the Year, let alone be named the winner. I feel especially proud to represent our School of Social Work at the University level. I firmly believe that this achievement also is a reflection of the dedication and care that our school’s faculty and staff invest in its students.” — Mammadli

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